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Glass Tables and Shelving

let us help you to create a beautiful and unusual glass table
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cut to size/drilled/bevelled as required

When you take a close look around your home, you might be surprised just how many glass items you possess. You probably have glass doors of different sizes throughout the house: shower doors, fireplace doors and all kinds of glass doors in bookcases and cabinets. Many of these cabinets, particularly in bathrooms, also contain a glass shelf or two. In addition, you may have decorative mirrors or glass table tops. Should one of these glass objects become chipped or otherwise damaged, depending on the nature of the object, we can replace them for you - or provide you with new glass items.

shelves and tables

Glass table tops have been popular for a long time, especially for coffee tables and, to a lesser extent, for dining tables. If one of your glass table tops has been broken we can provide a perfect new replacement.
With almost 40 years in the business, R A Baker is the most trusted glazing company in the Peterborough area. Call us on 01733 344 177.
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