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Polycarbonate and Plastics

Strong, durable and versatile polycarbonate sheets
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A simple way to make the every day extraordinary

Polycarbonate sheet is a versatile plastic medium, which lends itself to a wide range of applications in safety and security glazing, machine guarding, barrel vault roofing, balcony cladding, impact resistant covers, sound barrier walls and much more. Polycarbonate sheet has excellent optical clarity, is easily of formed and fabricated and is extremely strong and durable. In addition polycarbonate sheet is very flexible which makes it an excellent choice for barrel vault roofing, covered walkways etc, as it can be installed cold bent on site.

The principal properties of Polycarbonate (unbreakable plastic) sheet are:
  • Ability to transmit and reflect light 
  • Transparency 
  • Good mechanical properties 
  • High acoustic and electrical insulation 
  • Exceptionally long life, coupled with ease of use and processing


Plastic Mirror sheet is available from stock in silver 3mm and 6mm, cut to size. Plastic Mirror sheet can also be supplied cut to your size(s) and shape(s) with CNC cutting resources. Plastic Mirror sheet can also be supplied pre-drilled with fixing holes for ease of installation.

Plastic Mirror sheet is ideal for use where a glass mirror may easily break and be unsafe, especially around children, the elderly or the vulnerable. Plastic Mirror sheet is also less than half the weight of glass and over 6 times stronger. 

Acrylic Sheets

Known as many different things, Plexiglas & Perspex to name but a few however these are brand names and not materials, The under lying material in both these is acrylic, the most popular clear plastic. Ideal for long term outside us with a life of 15-20 years.

Acrylic has 10 times the impact strength of glass, and approximately 70 times the resistant impact strength of glass.
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