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Highly heat resistant woodburner glass

In the colder months, there is nothing better than sitting at home in front of a woodburner. The roaring fire adds not only warmth but also a special atmosphere to the home. Making sure that your woodburner is functioning safely and effectively is crucial. If the glass is cracked or damaged this will pose a real risk to your home and reduce the efficiency of the woodburner. 
RA Baker can provide top quality woodburner glass for a huge range of woodburners. We operate within a 40 mile radius of Peterborough and can deliver Robax nationwide, we always provide great products and fantastic prices.

Heat resistant glass for your woodburner

To ensure that it is always safe to use, woodburner glass should be replaced as soon as any cracks or chips appear. With almost 40 years of experience in the industry, the team at R A Baker can recommend the right type of glass for your needs.

Peterborough’s main supplier of Robax glass

R A Baker is the leading supplier of reliable and affordable Robax glass. Incredibly heat resistant and resilient, Robax glass is typically used for:
  • Woodburners
  • Wood and gas fireplace doors 
  • Furnace observation windows
  • High-intensity light covers 
  • Barbecue grill windows 
  • Grill covers and trivets
  • Spark and flame guard panels

Discover the benefits of Robax glass

Robax glass is a strong and reliable material perfect for woodburners. Suitable for a range of applications, Robax glass is a transparent glass-ceramic with thermal endurance that far exceeds the capacity of normal tempered glass.
When winter comes around, make sure the glass in your woodburner is safe. Contact our Peterborough team on 01733 344 177 for more information.
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